About Us

Our Background

With the ever-increasing need for distribution of information in this information technology age, new and better office equipment are constantly being made available to the consumer. Hence the challenge for the new millennium is to educate and provide the consumer with the best and yet cost-efficient office / educational equipment in meeting their needs.

Our Company

AV Quest (M) Sdn Bhd established in July 2002 with the unwavering goal to provide the latest innovations and technologies in audio-visual equipment to the market. With its rapid expansion, the company has been appointed by NEXT-proaudio as a distributor in Malaysia.

We are also the authorized distributor of as well as a host of other established brands:

Audio/Visual System Products : NEXT-proaudio, NEXT-audiocom, QUEST, Shure microphone & YAMAHA, EIKI, EPSON, SONY LCD Projectors, comm Control Switches, Teaching Wizards, Digital Interactive Board System, Motorised/Manual Projection Screen; LG & SAMSUNG LCD Display and VISSONIC Conference System. Professional sound systems for professional audio and concert applications.

Our Corporate Objective


As such we are committed to deliver the benefits of providing the necessary hardware to all educational institutions, public and private sectors with a comparable system as the advanced countries in the region.

AV Quest Services’s professionalism, knowledge, training transfer and development programmes will help enable you to perform at your best always.

  1. Mission Statement
    • "Together, we enhance our tools in educating and training by providing the best teaching and presentation hardware, ensuring a next generation of knowledge based economy."
    • Educating and training all Malaysians towards the next millennium by ensuring all existing and future schools / institutions are equipped or upgraded to be technologically versed. Such hardware and training aids are necessary to ensure the population and its country to be ready in the highly changing world of globalisation of conducting business, trade and communication. To survive in a knowledge based economy, training and experimental learning, we should cover Action Learning, Attitudes Modification Training, Behavioral Skill Training, Intervention Skill Training in order to maximise the learner’s intellectual potential.
    • By training and educating the population, we are gradually bringing a new breed of people into the new millennium. As you may have noticed, digital technologies have taken over the analogue technology and the continuous race for supremacy is obvious to make one’s country presence in the global market.

    As in all developments, you need to start at the right time with the right tools and we have to change the way education and training is conducted

  2. Benefits

    Motivate the best to:
    • Highly productive and efficient schools and training institutions
    • Standardize and centralize training materials
    • Enable long term cost reductions
    • Speed up technological know-how transfer in training
    • Enhance cognitive skills
    • Improve effective interaction
    • Expand behavioral and modify attitudes
    • Ensure future economic stability in the next century

    Achieved By :

    Launching of educational programme as curriculum to be taught in schools, comprising of hands-on tutorials and theory lessons.
    • Impart skills relevant for a broad area of "industry standard" technology application
    • Participating in IT Shows, as that of Sitex, Infocomm etc.
    • A stepping stone to enable students/public to enroll into higher IT courses

Our Online Service Portal

provides a round the clock services to our customer for self service support in product verification, activation and or follow up a claim.

Email: sales@avquest.com.my